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In the twenties of the last century, Late Thakur Nathu Singh ji, Jagirdar of village Kalera (Distt - Ajmer) a philanthropically inclined person was setting aside a part of his income for charitable purposes. He started distributing medicines free of cost to the poor and needy patients. In the year 1930, he came in contact with late Swami Krishnanand ji Maharaj of Gujrat who was a Saint and also a great scholar of Ayurved. Inspired by him Thakur Nathu Singh ji established an Aushdhalaya (Dispensary) on 01.05.1930 in his own palace building at village Kalera where Swami Krishnanand ji prepared and dispensed medicines free of cost to the patients. For this noble purpose he supplemented his own resources by raising donations from others including those Gujrati Indians settled in Africa due to the influence of Swami Krishna Nand ji. Encouraged by the response of the patients, Swamiji asked late Nathu Singh ji to establish an Ayurvedic Pharmacy at Kalera with the purpose of preparing pure Ayurvedic medicines under his guidance for free distribution to patients in the already established Aushdhalaya. A micro beginning was, thus made in the thirties at Kalera.

Later separate Aushdhalaya (Hospital) and Pharmacy buildings were constructed for which late Thakur Nathu singh ji donated a big portion of his land and palace building and then converted the Aushdhalaya and Pharmacy into a Charitbale Trust in April 1945, which was got registered with the Sub Registrar, Kekri (Ajmer - Merwara, now Distt. Ajmer ) as amended by Registered deeds dated 27.6.1952, 21.1.1960 and 15.4.1961. According to the trust deed, the land and buildings were handed over to the Trust. The name of the Trust was kept as-

"Krishnagopal Ayurvedic Dharmarth Aushdhalaya Trust" and the same has been functioning as such since then. From the very beginning, the Trust has been managed by eminent public personalities including officers of the Central & State Governments. At present the Chairman of the Trust and all other Trustees are either retired Judges of the High Court, retired officers of I. A. S., Central and State Services, well Known Ayurved Specialists and eminent public men.

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