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Late Thakur Nathu Singh ji started Aushdhalaya on 1.5.1930 in his own palace building at Kalera when swami Krishnannd ji came in contact with him.


            Lateron, Thakur Sahib donated a big portion of his land and palace building free of cost where pharmacy and hospital started functioning. Now the Trust has a planned and spacious hospital building, residential colony for employees, Factory premises including Rasayanshala and office. Recently' Gopal Niketan' has been constructed and made available to the attendants of patients for their stay. A guest house also exists in the palace building at Kalera- Krishna Gopal. 5 bighas 14.5 biswa land which is situated at village Bogla is used for herbal garden. Similarly at Parbatpura, (Ajmer) the Trust has 2 sheds in RIICO Industrial Area Parbatpura Ajmer. These two sheds have been merged into one and a well planned factory building has been constructed thereon in Ajmer. Ayurvedic dispensary is also functioning here which is working since 1993. Rent free accommodation has been provided to Incharge of Pharmacy near the factory premises. The Trust office is working in Mehra Building, Jaipur Road, Ajmer, since 1976.




Different type of latest machines have been installed in Kalera & Parbatpura, Ajmer, according to G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standard.


Other facilities

A four wheel Cycle van has been provided for transporting disabled, chronic patients from bus stand Kalera to hospital building and vice versa who come to Kalera hospital for their treatment.



A library with rare books on Ayurveda has been created. Magazines and daily news papers are also available here.


Testing facility

A pathological laboratory has been established for conducting tests.

A water hut has also been established at the bus stand Kalera for the benefit of patients and general public. Water cooler with acqua guard has also been installed in the hospital for drinking cold and pure water


Aushdhalaya staff (Hospital staff)

Ayurveda Physician ( Vaidya ) three


1.         Vaidya BAMS /  M. D. senior physician

2.         Two other qualified physicians with BAMS  degrees (Including one lady vaidya)


Paramedical & other staff


1.         5 Qualified compounders having round the clock duties in the wards and one Female Nurse.

2.         5 ward boys having round the clock duties in the ward.

3.         One female attendant for female ward and panchkarma of female patients

4.         One laboratory Technician

5.         Other usual assisting staff


Annual Budget for treatment and other medical aid including camps etc.

Krishna Gopal Ayurved Aushdhalaya Kalera provides treatment facility to every patient without any charges. This charitable activity has no budgetary limitation. Annual expenses range between 60-65 Lakhs which may exceed according to requirement.


Progress & Achievements Impact of work done Since beginning to the end of March 2009 the number of patients who benefitted from the treatment is about 1,12,34,070. The trust has always been emphasising the need of pure and good quality of medicines by putting its products in the market. This has created an awareness in the minds of common men towards purity and quality of Ayurvedic medicines and regenerated their faith in the age old indigenous system. The functioning of the Trust has generated employment opportunities in the surrounding rural as well as urban areas. Appointment of qualified Ayurvedic physicians, trained compounders and other staff for the office and Rasayanshala (Pharmacy) has helped in promoting the employment opportunities beside providing additional economic activity by way of transportaion of raw material from and finished products to various destinations. The publication of 'Swasthya' Magazine and other Ayurvedic literature has served the cause of Ayurveda by disseminating knowledge about this system.


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