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The main activities of the Trust are categorized as follows:


                                  1) To manufacture pure Ayurvedic Medicines


 2) To sell Ayurvedic Medicines through the agents and dealers in Rajasthan and other states.


 3) To render free medical aid and treatment to suffering mankind through Ayurvedic medicines in Dharmarth Aushdhalaya (Hospital) Kalera - Krishna Gopal and  presently at 23 other places in Rajasthan - Ajmer, Bhilwara, Bharatpur, Baghera, Jaipur, Kota, Phagi, Kishangarh, Todaraisingh, Tonk, Jhalawar, Nainwa, Pushkar & Begod and through mobile camps and to help various other social organizations by providing for treatment free medicines for distribution to the needy persons.


Elaboration of activities


(1) Production under GMP               From the very beginning the main emphasis of the Trust has been on the preparation of pure Ayurvedic medicines. Keeping this in view, as many as 543 medicines of different varieties were being manufactured with traditional method as per the " Ras Tantra Sar & Sidh Prayog Sangrah,' & other Ayurvedic Granthas & texts. But this extraordinarily wide sprectum could not be sustained due to non availability of certain ingredients such as Kasturi, ' Shringa (horn) etc. because of legal prohibitions. The Trust had to helplessly stop preparing those medicines wherein these ingredients are used as raw material. At present 352 medicines are being manufactured in Kalera Krishan Gopal & Parbatpura Rasayanshalas (Pharmacies). Attempts have been made to equip both these pharmacies with latest machines & equipments so that the products of high purity and good quality under requisite hygienic conditions may be manufactured. The provisions of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are also being implemented as prescribed by the Govt. of India. A GMP Laboratory is also established for Analytical report & quality control of medicines. Attempts have been made to improve the packing of the medicines.


                                                               The medicines prepared in these pharmacies are divided into various categories which are as follows:-

                                                               1.      Bhasma and Pisti

                                                               2.      Kharleeya Loha Kalpa

                                                               3.      Kharleeya Rasayana

                                                               4.      Pills and Tablets

                                                               5.      Kupipakva Rasayana

                                                               6.      Parpatti

                                                               7.      Gold & Silver preparation

                                                               8.      Guggal Pills

                                                               9.      Churna (Powders) & Tablets

                                                               10.    Arka & Eye drop

                                                               11.    Avaleha and Paak

                                                               12.    Ghrit (Medicated)

                                                               13.    Oil (Medicated)

                                                               14.    Tooth Powders

                                                               15.    Kwath

                                                               16.    Tila

                                                               17.    Anjan

                                                               18.    Lape

                                                               19.    Ointments (Balm)

                                                               20.    Asava and Aristha


                                                               The above products are very effective due to their purity of ingredients and preparation process according to shastras.    


                                                               All these products are available in the market at reasonable price at the authorized dealers/ agents outlets.



(2) Sale of Ayurvedic Medicines              It is not possible for any Business Concern to ignore the prevailing market trends. To make the product more and more popular, different attractive schemes, allurements and advertisements are given and different marketing strategies are adopted. But the Trust sells its products through its trusted and devoted agents and wholesalers. The reason behind this has been that there is no compromise as regards the quality of products. The main object of the Trust is service of the suffering humanity and not the commerce.

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